Comfort Home Health Foundation Raises Money to Help a Local Tarpon Springs Man

Helping others in need at Comfort HHA Foundation. Thank you to Marcia, Terry, Brandy, Rose, Christie, Annasctacia, Noah, Mark and Jessica for donating your time and resources to help Mr. C.

It was a great day today to be able to serve our community. Mr. C who is a young man in his late seventies lives alone and is struggling with health and financial complications. We were able to raise close to $300 to purchase basic household items he needs. Mr. C was very appreciative and thanked us profusely, he exclaimed that “This is better than Christmas!” Even though we had masks on we could see his heart smiling.

Comfort HHA Foundation utilized their Facebook network to reach out to community members to raise the money for Mr. C’s needed supplies.  Additionally a local home care aide dropped off clothing and cleaning supplies.

Comfort Home Health Foundation, Inc., was born out of desire to help seniors who are without resources, with costs associated with their health, food and living arrangements in their home. It is our mission and purpose to help carry the burdens of elders who are in need of healthcare services. It is our hope that others will experience God’s presence through His Grace and comfort, while spreading God’s word, Grace & Good Will.

If you know a person in need, would like to volunteer or donate resources we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us.