Relief For Filipino Families in Need

Comfort Home Health Foundation donated 20 sacks of rice to communities in the Philippines that have been hardest hit by the COVID pandemic.  Due to the widespread infection rate the Pilipino government has extended the quarantine until the end of November making it difficult for families to earn a living to support their families.  This donation will help over 20 families in this region.

According to the United Nation’s Fund (UNICEF), 95 Filipino children die every day from malnutrition before the COVID pandemic.  It is believed that this number has risen sharply due to the socioeconomic impact of COVID.

Rice is the staple food source in the Philippines.  Lower income families in these regions rely heavily on rice due to its stable shelf life, nutritional value and relatively low cost.

The simple donation of 20 sacks of rice in this region will easily help to feed over 60 men, women and children over the course of the month.