The Last Hooray for 2019!

2019 has been a great year not just for the blessings we all received and will be receiving this year in our personal lives, but a great year to have served many of our county’s in need. A big

THANK YOU to you

for being part of this community, for being an instrument for the less fortunate to be fortunate. Let’s continue to share our blessings in our little ways, in prayers, as a volunteer, or as our sponsors.

You can still qualify for a tax deduction this 2019, and keep your donations tax free!  Send in your love before this year ends and let those in need feel the holiday season!

A very merry merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year! Once again, Thank you for being part of our charitable events this 2019! We are looking forward to another fruitful and filled with love service to our county’s.

Yours truly,
Comfort Home Health Foundation